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Welcome to the future home of the Insurgent Luger Collectors Union, a nightmare for the established Luger collecting community. Ok, not a nightmare but we are going to test their patience.

Insurgent Luger Collectors Union?

What? Sounds dangerous. Who are we? We are a new breed of Luger collectors who see things differently than the established Luger collecting community. Shunned, ridiculed, tossed aside (ok, more like ready for a new outlook on Luger collecting). Most of us have expertise and backgrounds in other areas of German arms collecting and bring that knowledge to the Luger collecting field. We don't aim to replace the existing heirarcy, rather take Luger collecting down a new road, with new ideas based on information proven by the "new" medium, the intenet. We plan to network with established collectors from around the world, exchanging ideas and theories that the established Luger collecting world rejects. Fakes? The Luger community is awash in fakes, old world collecting dogma is in for a fight. Join us - in the near future a forum will appear, where online members can express ideas rejected by the establishement. We are the revolution Luger collecting needs to survive into the 21st century.

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The Problem

Why does it have to be a problem? It doesn't. Luger collecting has been around for as long as Lugers have been made. Tons of really great books, well researched and solid. However, among those books are some stinkers, pushing ideas that are absurd at best. Were they wrong? Not at the time, it was a best guess effort. The issue is some of these ideas still permeate the lexicon of Luger collecting. Some of the leaders in the Luger collecting online world are steadfast in their belief in those ideas - good for them, we are not here to change their mind, its been proven that it can't be done. What we are here to do is provide reasoned opposition to entrenched dogma for the reader to decide. What is dogma? Merriam-Webster says "a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds", which is what we plan to dispel, authoratative ideas without adequate grounds for belief in those ideas.

The List

We have a small list of what we consider to be the most egregious of the bad information being pushed as fact. Lets start there, there are other items which we will eventually consider:

1: Deathshead Lugers - Called everyghing from "WW1 Flamethrower Unit Marked" to "Post WW1 Freikorp marked", we will present current day thinking to the old guard ideas.

2: Reworked Lugers - A terrible mess, the "Established" collectors despise reworked Lugers in general, but mostly because they are totally misunderstood. We will add some background to the story and bring these reworks into their own place.

3: Kü Lugers - Its pretty bad on this one - I can only begin to spell out the miscarachterization of these, it may take some time to kill this dodo bird.

4: And More To Come! If you have ideas or questions, feel free to contact us above.